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Dividend Portfolio: 10/24/2021 Week in Review

Update of the stock portfolio. The portfolio is up $17.41

Welcome back to Dividend Dollars! I hope you’re doing well and enjoying the beginning of this journey. Every week I plan on writing one of these posts to give an update on the portfolio that we are building. I will give an overview of the portfolio and its value, the dividends received, trades made, and any news or business announcements made that may be of interest to our positions. I will do my best to be consistent with these updates, but as you know, life happens to all and we may miss an update or two here or there. All that aside, lets dive in!

Portfolio Value

As this is the first installment of the portfolio update, we will use this post as a baseline to gauge progress moving forward. To date I have invested a total of $1,050 and the account is valued at $1,067.41. That’s a total gain of $17.41 for a 1.66% gain. Not a crazy gain by any means, but we are in this for the long haul. Our approach to investing in discounted stocks with growing dividends is a slow game, so this gain in the portfolio value, to me, is a huge win and tells me our strategy of trying to find discounted growth dividends stocks could be working. As we continue to invest regularly and reinvest dividends, more substantial gains will come. We are at the very beginning of the exponential curve upwards towards financial freedom.


Below is a table of everything we are invested in so far. The tickers in blue are the stocks that were the picks of the month. The tickers in yellow are stocks that I am just using to hold money in. Every week I add $25 to the account. I will throw that $25 at a stock that pays monthly dividends that I believe is in both a good fundamental and technical standpoint for short term gains. I leave that money in those stocks till it has compiled to an amount large enough to sell and reinvest the funds into a more expensive stock pick. That way my investments are never idle and every dollar is put to work even while it sits and waits for a stronger long term position within the portfolio.


Last week we received $0.06 in dividends. This came from PSEC which was a stock I was using as a temporary vehicle to hold funds while I gathered more funds for a larger planned position.

Dividends received for the week of October 18th: $0.06
Dividends received for October 2021: $0.64
Year-To-Date Dividends: $0.64


At the start of the week I bought 4 shares of PSEC for $33.04 and sold them later in the week for $33.55. I bought two shares of VZ for $106.55 and 1 share of PBA for $33.88 for a temporary holding position. Earlier in the month I had added to positions in T, MMM, WBA, KO, and O, all stock picks for the month.

Noteworthy News

This section of the post will identify some headlines that may be of import to our positions. If they are important enough, we will also call out in the posts if the news calls for actions to readjust our portfolio.

Walgreens WBA to make additional investment in VillageMD:
WBA popped off of this news. WBA will invest an additional $5.2 billion into the VillageMD position which is poised to open a large number of primary care practices in Walgreens stores to further progress the company’s goal of stepping into the full-service primary care practice.

AT&T Stock Below Covid Lows:
I believe at less than $26 per share AT&T looks undervalued. I added to this position within the last few weeks. It seems to have found a bottom at $25 but will keep watching closely for more downsides. I will not dive into my reasoning for this opinion within this post, however I always recommend you do your own research before entering into any position.


That is it for the update this week. Let’s kill it next week and keep our eyes open for good buying opportunities. Let me know what you think of the progress so far, share with us your progress, thank you for reading, and take care!

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