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Dividend Portfolio: 11/5/2021 Week in Review

Update of the stock portfolio. The portfolio is up 2.02%

Welcome back to Dividend Dollars! I hope you’re doing well and had a great week of investing. Every week I write an update on the dividend portfolio so that we can track its progress. I will give an overview of the portfolio and its value, the dividends received, trades made, and any news or business announcements made that may be of interest to our positions.

This week the market was hot! DJI set an all time high on November 3rd, SPX set an all time intraday high on November 4th, IXIC set a high on the 4th, and DJT set one on November 2nd. As you can see, all these major equities ended October strong and had a great week following it! The Feds also calmed some nerves this week with a message from the chair that reiterated that inflation is expected to be transitory and that the Fed will be patient with raising rates. While inflation remains high, job numbers are looking good and favorable seasonality looks to continue the market’s positive momentum through to the end of the year.

Overall, it was a great week. Let’s dive into the portfolio and see how we fared.

Portfolio Value

To date, I have invested $1,565 into the account, the total value of all positions plus any cash on hand is $1,596.66. That’s a gain of $31.66 for a total return of 2.02%. This is greater than the reported gain on the account of 0.57% last week!

Love seeing these gains! It tells me that our method of screening for undervalued stocks that pay strong dividends is working. As we stick with the strategy, we will start to rack up more and more dividends which will one day snowball into a great source of passive income!


Below is a table of everything we are invested in so far. The tickers in green are stocks that I added to this week. Every week $25 is automatically deposited into my account. When there is a stock I want to buy I’ll just throw some more funds in the account (if needed) and make the order. Sometimes I may also put that $25 towards a cheap stock that pays monthly dividends so that if I am saving to buy a larger position in something else, my cash on hand isn’t sitting idle. You will sometimes see those temporary positions in the portfolio below. We have no temporary positions for this update.

As you see with the portfolio this week, I didn’t just stick with the $25 deposit. I added $165 this week and made some nice buys! I will usually add funds to my account like this so that I can take advantage of good buying opportunities which are usually called out in my monthly stock picks or other timely articles. Stock picks for this month are LMT, CAH, and MO. I own positions in two of these and am watching MO for good opportunity to buy.


This week we received one dividend. $0.52 from T. I own four shares of T, however, I only owned one at the time of the last ex-date (bummer).

Dividends received for the week of October 25th: $0.52

Dividends received for November 2021: $0.52

Year-To-Date Dividends: $1.16


Here’s the breakdown of the trades I made this week:

On November 2nd, I bought 1 share of CAH from the November Stock Pick Article at $49.25. I also purchased 1 share of REYN for $27.37 (REYN was a great pick, it had an 8% gain this week and we caught most of that with this add).

On November 3rd, I bought 1 share of INTC for $50.09.

On November 4th I bought 1 share of STAG for $42.51.

Noteworthy News

This section of the post will identify some headlines that may be of import to our positions. If they are important enough, we will also call out in the posts if the news calls for actions to readjust our portfolio.

Verizon and AT&T delay 5G rollout amid FAA concerns

The Federal Aviation Administration claims that 5G service could interfere with cockpit safety systems of airplanes. Verizon and AT&T claim that the FAA is just skeptical. Both companies have postponed the launch of their new 5G systems due to the concerns by about a month. Both companies are set to launch in January of 2022. This headline causeed T and VZ to drop by about 3.5% on 11/4 but they have since climbed back to prices pre-headline. Was a great quick dip to buy some if you caught it.


That is it for the update this week. Let’s kill it next week and keep our eyes open for more good buying opportunities! Let me know what you think of the progress so far, share with me your progress and questions, interact with me on twitter and Instagram using the links below!

Thank you for reading and take care!

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