Koyfin Review: A Robust Analytical Tool to Empower Every Investor

Koyfin is a free market dashboard that includes a variety of features. Read our review of Koyfin to see what this platform has to offer.

For me, investing in the stock market is the single most important aspect of reaching financial freedom. Unfortunately, investing can be seen as a zero-sum game as it provides everyone with equal opportunity to make money. There are winners and losers. So how do you try to make sure that you’re consistently on the winning side?

There are two quick tips to help you with this. First is knowing your time horizon and investing through long-term positions. Second is having the right tools and knowledge to help you find the right opportunities.

The latter is where Koyfin comes in. Koyfin is a free stock market dashboard that allows users to pair fundamental and technical analysis on one screen. Koyfin offers seemingly infinite ways to customize your dashboard in a way that complements your strategy.

What is Koyfin?

Koyfin is an investment analytics platform created in 2016 by former Wall Street Traders and CEO Rob Koyfman. Through my affiliation with the CommonStock creator’s group, I actually got to hop in a zoom call for a Koyfin demo led by the CEO himself.

What he showed was awesome. Through his time on Wall Street with Goldman Sachs and his use of their outdated and expensive data terminals he decided that there had to be a better way to analyze data and get some insight for investing.

Every industry he could think of had turned to tech and put the user first, all expect investing. His mission became to revolutionize the industry by building a platform that puts the user in control, gives them access to live data on anything you can think of, provides strong analytical tools, and all at a price that doesn’t keep retail investors out of the game.

And Koyfin has done just that. Their platform puts amazing analytical power at your fingertips. You can browse data across all asset classes. You can build dashboards to keep information relevant to your strategy at the forefront of your attention. You can dive into a company’s financials, read transcripts of their events, chart with more technical indicators than you can even thing of, you can pick apart economic news and even twitter chatter. Koyfin brings into your view all the things that move the stock market and affect your portfolio.


Financial Analysis

As a dividend investor, financial analysis is key to what I do. Koyfin provides comprehensive financial analysis and is one of its distinguishing factors for me.

Koyfin gets you access to all of the financial statements that public companies release. The way that it is structured helps to reduce the complexity of financial statement analysis and keeps the essentials very easy to access.

You can dive into financial statements, look at valuation metrics, pick apart analyst estimates, look at profitability measures, solvency ratios, cash flow measures, and anything else you can imagine. Better yet, any financial measurement or piece of data can be overlayed onto the stock’s chart to help you find correlations and form trade ideas.

You have quick access to key financial highlights. You can even create your own financial templates and build it so that you are only ever looking at the metrics that you care about. That way you can continuously keep track of a company’s financial health according to your own preferences.


Koyfin’s dashboard capabilities are awesome. You can use their premade dashboards for “Today’s Markets”, “Market News”, “Market Movers”, and a premade dashboard for items you add to a watchlist.

The “Today’s Market” dashboard is a one-stop-shop as you can see in the screenshot below. It provides you breakdowns of major indexes, sectors, commodities, global markets, news, and more. If you want to stay plugged into what’s happening the markets, this is your screen.

Charting and Technical Analysis

Koyfin’s charting capabilities are by far my favorite aspect of the website. You can chart your favorite stocks and add any number of indicators that fit with your charting/investing style. Take the below screenshot for example, I charted Cummins ($CMI) with Bollinger Bands, an EMA, and an RSI indicator. There are swaths of other things you can add to the chart. You can even add financials to the chart, like the FCF I added to the below chart. You can add things like EPS, EPS surprise based on analyst consensus, debt levels, market cap, even share repurchases!

Not only can you customize stock charts with an unimaginable number of fundamental, technical, and valuation indicators, statistics, and drawings, but you can put together these charts on commodities, currencies, ETFs, mutual funds, options, crypto, and even economic reports. For example, view below the chart I used when writing about the PMI report in a pervious economic update article.


Amazingly, most of the items an investor would care about is available to free users. If you find that you’re itching for more, the scale up for greater access is pretty reasonable. I could not do what I do without the basic plan, if I’m being honest with you. The full access to the snapshots is what I use to put together my charts with all of the special indicators, fundamentals, and valuation data. Reader’s of Dividend Dollars can get special 10% of any Koyfin package using this link, otherwise definitely try out the free plan to give it a shot.

Koyfin Review Summary

In sum, think of Koyfin as a budget Bloomberg terminal. An analytical platform for researching stocks and other items for the mainstream investor! The best data and research out there are often locked behind a steep cost privy to analysts, firms, and funds. I honestly believe that Koyfin levels the playing field for investors like you and me.

Koyfin gives you everything you need to conduct property technical, fundamental, and market analysis while also giving you the tools to observe all of the assets that matter to you, all in one place. I’ve been using Koyfin for months, and I find it very difficult to use any other tool.

As mentioned before, my readers are offered a 10% discount on any Koyfin package. However, if you’re not interested in any package, still sign up for a free plan and give it a shot! All readers can sign up for Koyfin here.

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