About Me

Finding Financial Freedom

Hello! My name is Tanner and I am the founder of Dividend Dollars. My goal here is to document my personal path to financial freedom and have a positive impact on simplifying the internet’s investing space.

“set money aside and let it work for you”

Every twitter furu, chat room owner, or watchlist writer claims to have the right way of investing and they all have different methods ranging from day trading to momentum trading to swing trading to options trading and more. I began trading casually in 2016 and have tried and failed at finding success through subscribing to and following the strategies of investors with an online presence. I found that the wealth and lifestyle they present is not feasible for the average person who is juggling all of the responsibilities of life and work while also pursuing trading as a means of escape. I decided it was time to try and find a strategy for myself. When brainstorming this idea, a memory popped into my head of me opening an envelope from my bank as a young boy and seeing a statement for a 6 cent dividend on the savings account my mom had set up for me. The idea that you could simply set money aside and let it work for you by producing dividends which in turn can be reinvested for even greater dividends on the next statement blew my mind. It seemed almost too simple but immediately I recognized the power of these compounding gains. This memory inspired me to explore dividend investing and how to develop a reliable stream of income while also positioning the portfolio for growth in the long run. Dividend Dollars will document this exploration and possibly one day serve as a resource for discouraged traders who found themselves struggling with trading like I was.